Sunday, September 11, 2005

Dumb, but Lucky!

I was somewhat shocked, when reading Nuvo, to learn that former congressman Andy Jacobs now writes for Indy's hip alternative newspaper.

But the shock of that was nothing compared to seeing a review of
this book
. Remember Mrs. Curtis? Beth Curtis, who taught U.S. History? This is her husband.

"My husband flew a P-51 during the war, you know," is one of the few things I remember hearing in class. I'll have to get the book soon and read the entire story.

It's kind of funny. After reading the review, I really wish I could look back and say "you know, she was one of my favorite teachers." But I can't, and I don't know why. I think she was a kind woman - she seemed to take an interest in us - I think she was downright amused by me & Milele. I don't think she was a bad teacher - aside from the dreaded Hofstadter papers, I can't remember anything terribly boring. And I obviously like the subject.

I can only think that being a stand-out teacher is harder than it sounds - that there's more than just being a good person. But what is it that makes the good ones so good?

Love the class or hate it, it's certainly nice to know that the Curtises are still well and happy and together - 60 years of marriage is pretty impressive!


Blogger Milele said...

Amused! That woman hated me! Just because I refused to think inside her little box, and made a few comments on the validity of some of her editorialized statements, she tried to get me out of her class. I have to say, she did take us to D.C. where I had my first of many meetings with Barbara Bush. I actually put that I got to shake her hand on my resume when applying to work for the Republican National Convention. Can you believe that I was ever that young and naive! She also taught me how to stand up for my beliefs no matter who was questioning them, and that came in handy these past few years. I wonder what she would think about the fact that I have served my country for 14 years and worked for 3 White House administrations without being fired. Her name is Beth?

11:00 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Yep, Beth. Well, the review reveals that her real name is "Myrt," but when they moved to Indiana she decided to use her middle name - probably a wise decision for anyone in teaching.

Every time I look back on that DC trip I am awed by how dreadful it was. Most of what I remember is time on the bus and in shopping malls - I have to look at the pictures to be reminded of the tourist attractions we drove past. I still wonder why my parents didn't demand their money back.

These days, I miss the old Bushes.

1:02 PM  

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